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How does our daily press digest help you in your everyday work?

answers from Customer Satisfaction Survey,

October 2015

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“The daily news service saves my most precious resource - my time.”

Simone Ingrova

Sales Manager

Lundbeck Slovensko

“It saves me time and keeps me up to date on all essential news from the Slovak economy.”

Richard Boháč

Development Manager

McDonald´ Slovakia

“Good overview of the Slovak business world.“

Jaroslav Hanzlík

Head of Department

Generali Poisťovňa

"It gives me a quick daily overview of the most important events in Slovakia."

Alexander Kmeť

Economist, Corporate Workout Department

Československá obchodná banka

“It helps a lot as it gives me an information advantage over clients and gives me ice-breaker topics.“

Joseph Petráš

Financial Advisor

Tatra banka

“Time-saver in keeping abreast of what is happening.“

Gabriela Cingelová

HR and Remuneration Department Director

Generali Poisťovňa

“Provides me with a general overview first thing in the morning.“

Zuzana Slováková

Director, SME Branch

Československá obchodná banka

“It provides me with a quick overview of key events.“

Katarína Muchová

Makroekonomic Analyst

Slovenská sporiteľňa

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