New rules for public IT projects

Deputy PM Veronika Remišová’s (Za ľudí) Office adopted a new directive on managing IT projects. It brings new obligations to split projects into smaller parts, gradually test the projects, and publish project designs before calling tenders for suppliers. Two previous governments had very similar plans, and the directive does not impose fines for non-compliance. The office’s approval is needed for all IT projects over €1m.

Remišová’s Office will transform into a Ministry for Investments, Regional Development and IT as of June 1. It will take over regional development sections from other ministries.

Remišová’s Deputy Minister will be Marek Antal (Za ľudí), who formerly worked for Ness and GlobalLogic, according to sources. Ján Hargaš, co-founder of Slovensko.Digital, is advisor to Remišová. He wants to help improve eGovernment services.


Táto správa je z Ekonomiky DNES, denného prehľadu najdôležitejších ekonomických správ zo Slovenska.

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