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Marek Maďarič is leaving Smer

Marek Maďarič, former Smer deputy leader and the closest ally of Robert Fico, is leaving the party and will no longer vote with the ruling coalition in parliament. He used to manage Smer’s election campaigns, but Erik Tomáš has gradually assumed that position. Maďarič stepped down as Culture Minister after the murder of reporter Ján Kuciak. He refuses to be linked to a coalition that relies on fascists, and one of whose leaders (Andrej Danko) has autocratic tendencies.

The ruling coalition has 76 MPs in the 150-member parliament, and three independent MPs tend to vote with it, too.

Táto správa je z Ekonomiky DNES, denného prehľadu najdôležitejších ekonomických správ zo Slovenska.

This news is from the Slovak Business News TODAY, one-page summary of all the important Slovak business news.

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