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New Regional Investment Assistance Act

Parliament approved new Regional Investment Assistance Act. Even those projects not creating new jobs will be eligible for the investment assistance. Shared service centers will qualify for the assistance if they pay higher than average wages. In developed regions, only projects investing in research will qualify. Tax breaks will no longer be approved by the government, but by the ministries of economy and finance. Supported projects will be monitored. (

Of the 15 investment stimuli the government approved in 2017, only four went to companies in underdeveloped regions, points out Iness, a think-tank. Interestingly, the government emphasizes the need to support underdeveloped regions in every revision of the investment assistance legislation and two years ago it even adopted a special act facilitating assistance to such regions.

Táto správa je z Ekonomiky DNES, denného prehľadu najdôležitejších ekonomických správ zo Slovenska.

This news is from the Slovak Business News TODAY, one-page summary of all the important Slovak business news.

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